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Hearing as a Family

April 14, 2016

To rely on one person in a family for audible communication is far from ideal. Yet 10-year-old Angel took this role on to bring his family together.

Angel’s mother, Ana Greca, and younger sister, Italia, both have profound hearing loss. Through the use of sign language, they communicated very effectively with one another in their home in Tijuana, Mexico. However, when it came to communicating with others, the family had to rely heavily on Angel to listen and relay what they were saying.

Angel never complained and helped his family with anything they needed. He even learned English to aid in his family’s communication.

The constant reliance on Angel was a lot to ask of anyone, let alone a child.

We are thankful that we were able to support the whole family and give the gift of hearing to Ana Greca and Italia during our recent hearing mission in Mexico.

Angel’s family illustrates what our mission is all about – giving the gift of hearing to promote understanding and connection.  It was incredibly moving to see the family begin to listen and speak to one another, showing their love and special bond.

Helping a family opens up a world of opportunities. We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them at AfterCare.

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