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The Doctor is In (the Hearing Mission)

April 21, 2016

Dr. Raquel Rodriquez was our resident ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician for our recent Dominican Republic hearing mission, overseeing otoscopy appointments and clearing any infections. At the hearing mission, she discovered an affinity for fittings.

After she finished her Otoscopy rounds and addressed more than 20 infections, Dr. Rodriquez gravitated toward Phase 2, which is our hearing device fittings.

“I love seeing the eyes light up.” Dr. Rodriquez said. “When I see children in my office, they don’t talk. Today, I heard many children speaking, and it made me smile.”

Fitting a hearing device on a patient was new for the doctor, she usually sees patients at the front end and sends them to an audiologist. “I love trying new things and I found fitting the hearing devices very gratifying and full of love and amazement.”

Dr. Rodriquez went to medical school at the Universidad Iberoamericana (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) and attended Hospital Universitario Virgen Del Rocio (Seville, Spain) for her ENT residency.

Dr. Rodriguez stated that the “ear” is what drew her to otolaryngology.

“The ears are very complex and our surgeries are complicated. The intricacies in this part of our anatomy are fascinating.” She said.

Her hope for the older patients is that improved hearing allows them to reintroduce themselves and influence others positively as they were helped today.

“I definitely will do more missions.” Dr. Rodriquez said.

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