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Adelaide Kenya Call

May 19, 2016

Megan Call gave birth to a baby girl in Logan, Utah on May 10, 2016 at 4:53 a.m. named Adelaide Kenya Call, a name made even more beautiful by her story.

Nine months prior, Tom Call, an audiology student at Utah State University, had signed up to join Starkey Hearing Foundation on a hearing mission to Kenya. Tom’s wife, Megan, did not waver with her support even though she was due two weeks after his scheduled return.

Despite his offers to stay in Utah, Megan maintained that he should go on the hearing mission to have his own hands-on experience of changing the lives of others as Megan had her own experience helping people in Africa.

 Shortly after his arrival in Kenya, Megan went into labor and Tom was told he could arrange a flight to return home that night. Megan insisted that he stay. “The baby will be here when you get back,” she said. “You are in Kenya for a special purpose.”

Thankfully, Tom was able to hear his baby’s first cries by video conference 9,000 miles away. After finishing giving the gift of hearing in Kenya, he eagerly returned to his wife and infant daughter. Together they decided that the middle name of their daughter would be Kenya.

The name, Adelaide Kenya, is an example of the passion and dedication shown by our volunteers. For these qualities we thank the Call family for their devotion. And we wish Adelaide a life full of promise and opportunity as represented in Tom’s mission in Africa.

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