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"My Nicaragua"

June 08, 2016

A touching scene took place during our hearing mission in Nicaragua when students from the Melanie Morales school performed a song in sign language for Bill Austin and Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission team.

All of the students were fit with hearing devices on a mission in Nicaragua last year, and came to June 6, 2016 mission to receive follow-up after care.

Mr. Austin checked the hearing of the students, and our team was very pleased to hear that the students are progressing well in school where they are being taught both audible and signing communication.

To show their appreciation for their hearing health care, the teachers and students spent weeks learning the sign routine of “My Nicaragua” to perform for the Foundation’s mission team.

Beyond showing gratitude with the performance, Dulce Mańa Artola, a teacher at the school whose her son was one of the students fit in 2015, also showed her appreciation by volunteering to help translate for our team throughout our Nicaragua hearing mission.

Our hearts were touched by the performance of this group of students and the gratefulness shown by all involved with the school who joined us on our hearing mission. We greatly look forward to hearing more about the children’s progression in the classroom.

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