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June 17, 2016

Starkey Hearing Foundation was honored to host the First Lady of Guyana, Sandra Granger, during our hearing mission training where we are training hearing health care providers from 14 Caribbean countries and providing more than 60 people with hearing health care and hearing devices.


Foundation co-founder, Tani Austin, escorted Mrs. Granger through the hearing mission training site, explaining our simple, sustainable, and scalable WFA® community-based hearing health care model and visiting with patients. The visit further solidified the relationship between Starkey Hearing Foundation, Mrs. Granger, and Guyana’s Ministry of Public Health as they advanced the future of hearing health care in Guyana.


Specifically, this hearing mission training will give hearing care providers from Guyana and other countries from across the Caribbean the knowledge and skills they need for all three phases of our model so they can provide high-quality hearing health care in their communities.

Mrs. Granger was very hands-on visiting with the local patients at the hearing mission. She fit hearing devices for 10-year-old Daniel, who brought joy to the entire site when he began hearing for the first time (pictured below). 

Mrs. Granger, and Guyana’s Ministry of Public Health look to partner with Starkey Hearing Foundation, providing resources and skills to make this training possible where the Foundation is giving the gift of hearing. The relationship and support will allow for many people in need in Guyana and across the Caribbean to receive much-needed hearing health care and hearing devices where the World Health Organization estimates more than 2.6 million people have hearing loss.

“It’s great to see so much concern around hearing health care in Guyana,” Mrs. Austin said. “The support from the First Lady and those involved here in Guyana has been critical, and we’re very excited to get hands-on providing hearing health care for people in need.”

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