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Sok San in Cambodia

June 02, 2017

Young patient getting hearing aids in Cambodia

While in Cambodia for a recent Phase 2 mission in Phnom Penh, members of the Asia Pacific team learned that one young patient in another city needed new hearing aids. Sok San Sueong shares a special bond with Starkey Hearing Foundation co-founder, Tani Austin.

Young girl getting fit for hearing aids in Cambodia

Tani first met Sok San in 2014 and fit her with hearing aids the following year. At the time, Sok San was about 5-years-old and did not attend school due to her hearing loss. But the following day, Tani visited a local school and was greeted by Sok San and her mother in one of the classrooms. The formerly shy and withdrawn little girl’s personality had blossomed and she was a much more active child in the space of one day. It was an encounter that galvanized the need for Phase 3 AfterCare.

Young girl in the first grade getting new hearing aids

Now 9, Sok San is in the first grade where she is working to develop her speech. Her original hearing aids broke recently and Sok San was wearing a pair from her school. A small team traveled to Siem Reap to conduct a mini AfterCare for Sok San and fit her with new hearing aids.

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