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Delivering Hearing Care to the People of Rio de Janeiro with Rock Star Alice Cooper

September 26, 2017

“This ends up being the big part of your memory – fitting the kids for their hearing aids.” —Alice Cooper


Starkey Hearing Foundation welcomed Alice Cooper to a hearing mission for the people of Rio de Janeiro prior to his performance at Rock in Rio music festival. The rock legend worked with Tani Austin, co-founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation, who helped provide the gift of hearing to hearing impaired individuals in need. Cooper is a longtime supporter of Starkey Hearing Foundation, participating in two previous hearing missions at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, Portugal in 2016 and Rio de Janeiro in 2015.


“We know that every time we come back here to Rio, we’re going to be with Starkey Hearing Foundation,” said Cooper. “When you come to Rock in Rio, you think the show is going to be the big part of the memory, but this ends up being the big part of your memory – fitting the kids with their hearing aids. When you realize there are kids who can now finally hear the show, that’s great.”


This event marks Starkey Hearing Foundation’s third hearing mission at Rock in Rio. The work of the Foundation and its supporters has created sustainable, measurable change for people in communities worldwide. Starkey Hearing Foundation has 54 community-based programs in which they teach local citizens how to care for their new hearing aids.


“Giving a person the ability to hear has an immediate impact on that person’s quality of life and creates a future filled with possibilities,” said Tani Austin. “Today, our patients were able to discover new found connections to the world. We are thankful for Alice and all of our partners who are passionate about changing lives through hearing. Seeing the smiles of the people we helped today, young and old, inspires us all to keep on giving.”


Following the hearing health screenings and fittings, Starkey Hearing Foundation transported recipients to Alice Cooper’s performance at Rock in Rio, where some experienced live music for the first time in their lives.

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