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World Hearing Day 2018

March 03, 2018

In Lusaka Zambia, the world of hearing healthcare came together to celebrate World Hearing Day as the H.E. Madam Esther Lungu of Zambia, the Canadian singing group The Tenors, native Zambia, Portia Clark and Starkey Hearing Foundation banned together to recognize healthy hearing through the utilization of the WFA® Community-Based Model as over 300 patients were served.

The African team with the support of the US team and Bill and Tani Austin were pleased to share in a day of celebrating and commemorating hearing through hearing aids and caring service.

Beautiful melodies were sung by The Tenors as the special celebration was opened after Portia Clark sang Zambia’s national anthem.

Starkey Hearing Foundation Founder Bill Austin said to the group, “I am just one person, but together we can change the world. It’s exciting to be a team that will take us to the future. The lives we affect today are the foundation for every day to come.”

Mr. Austin was followed by H.E. Madam Esther Lungu, supporter of Starkey Hearing Foundation and speaker at the inaugural class from the Starkey Hearing Institute in Lusaka. She shared, “Healthy hearing leads to a healthy life. [We are] here to share the gift of hearing. I am pleased to be part of this inaugural celebration. The Starkey Hearing Foundation is providing hearing aids and promoting hearing healthcare, which will help many, many of our people.”

We hope everyone across the world will continue to focus on and understand the importance of World Hearing Day, and the valuable gift that hearing is to one person, one family and to our world.

Canadian-SingersThe group of Canadian singers, Victor Micalle, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray who make up The Tenors, joined the Foundation in Zambia to share in World Hearing Day and giving the gift of hearing. At one moment, they harmonized acapella to “Hallelujah” for one of their patients after fitting her with hearing aids, sending chills to all those listening.


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