Chimbote, Truillo, Chiclayo, Piura, Iquitios

August 2013 Peru

Organizing a five city, nearly 20,000 hearing aid mission in Peru is no small feat! With the help of more than 70 Rotary clubs from across Peru and Minnesota, the mission team led the charge for this unprecedented 21-day mission to change thousands of lives.

Patients from all walks of life and generations took part in our missions across Peru. Each patient’s story touched the team and created unforgettable moments and memories.

We met 30-year-old front desk manager Nadia, who checked the entire mission team into our hotel. After talking with her, the team discovered that she had hearing loss and was struggling to communicate with hotel guests. During the mission that day, we fit her with new hearing aids. By the time we checked out, Nadia was happily chatting away with every guest and enjoying her job with renewed energy.

We also met a 108-year-old woman who had been disconnected from the world of sound for longer than she could remember. Surrounded by multiple generations of her family, the remarkable matriarch was overjoyed to be able to hear their joy as she gazed in awe of her loving family. She proved without a doubt that you are never too old for the gift of hearing.

Special Thanks

Spectrum Brands: Greg Gluchowski, Jim Heidenreich, Randy Lewis, Andreas Rouve, Barry Seenberg, Dave Lumley; Rayovac: Randy Raymond; Mike Wheeler; Juliet Wheeler; Ret Templet; Gyl Kasewurm; FedEx: Kim Humphries and Marianne Hartquist; Discount Tire; Mike and Kim Turner; Faye Mitsunaga; Marisa Eng; Brenda Bennett; Sara Bennett; LSTN Headphones: Bridget Hilton, Joe Huff; Jerry Brecke; Charles Gillum; Barry Quinlivan; Chris Massey; Kyle Massey; Rotary Clubs; Jack and Tanya McConnell; Santiago Camacho; Maria Julia; Jonathan Severn

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