San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa

June 2014 Honduras

Joined by longtime sponsors and hearing mission volunteers Knowles Electronics, the team returned to Honduras for some unexpected opportunities to reflect caring to the people of this warm-hearted country.

In Tegucigalpa, hearing mission volunteers were registering a young man with a severe skin condition when Bill Austin spotted him. As soon as the boy sat down in a chair to be fit, Austin began asking questions about his health issues. The young man’s condition required medication that his family could not afford, so Austin sent one of his team to a pharmacy to purchase him all the medication he needed. The young man left with the gift of hearing and the ability to regain his health.

In San Pedro Sula, the gift of hearing received some assistance from one of our Hearing Angels in the U.S., Jonathan Severn. While Severn had not joined us on this mission, he had informed his friends David and Lydia Martinez that we would be in Honduras. This inspiring couple runs Orphanage Emmanuel, caring for children in need. Some of the children they care for struggle with hearing loss, so David and Lydia drove these children three hours to our hearing mission, where we made sure each one left with the gift of hearing.

Special Thanks

Knowles Electronics; Jim Davenport; Telethon Honduras; Red Cross – La Ceiba; Operation Honduras; Gyl Kasewurm; Jonathan Severn

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