Nairobi, Kibera

June 2014 Kenya

Far from ice, pucks and skates, NHL superstar David Backes and his wife Kelly traveled with the team to Nairobi and one of the largest slums in Africa, Kibera. David and Kelly first became interested in the work of the Foundation when Kelly experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss and became a Starkey hearing aid wearer. Understanding the challenges presented by hearing loss, the couple felt compelled to offer their support. Working under the guidance of Bill Austin, David and Kelly witnessed the impact of the gift of hearing in the African nation.

Reflecting on this experience while in Nairobi, David said, “These people are vibrant and they want to do something -- that’s great! Their hearing loss, whether it’s been through malaria medication or any other medication or something at birth. It’s incredible to be able to give them a chance to be very productive and learn and communicate and get connected back in with society — and for me that’s a huge part of what we’re doing here.”

Special Thanks

David and Kelly Backes; Operation Eardrop

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