Mek'ele, Axum

October 2014 Ethiopia

As a child, Angie Lipari dreamed of helping to change the world as a missionary nurse. However, life took her other places, and she pushed her dream to the back of her mind. Then one night this summer, she sat down to enjoy an episode of Operation Change and, on a whim, entered a competition to join the Operation Change team in Ethiopia to help change lives with Starkey Hearing Foundation. She won.

Under the guidance of Bill Austin, Lipari learned how to help fit patients with hearing aids. With each patient she gained confidence in her abilities as she eased their nerves and watched hope spring to their eyes as the world of sound opened to them. As meaningful as each patient was to her, one young man found a special place in her heart. The boy was blind and struggling with hearing loss, and he was being led by his best friend, who was also blind but could hear. Lipari helped the young man get seated and then helped to fit him with the correct hearing aids. Once fit, his best friend began speaking to him. After hearing his best friend’s voice for the first time, tears of joy filled his eyes. For the young man, and for Lipari, it was a dream come true.

Special Thanks

Doug and Beth McMillin; Audibel Indiana Hearing; Malick Diop; Mary Nash; Angela Lipari; Lisa Hunter; Dr. Teame Embaye; Hagos Godefay; Abrahim Hassen; Dr. Yilikal Zeleke; Tigray Health Bureau; Ayder University Hospital

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