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Yogyakarta, Jakarta

March 2015 Indonesia

The team was excited to arrive in Yogyakarta to bring the gift of hearing to Indonesia for the first time. The country consists of more than 100 islands and is the w orld’s fourth most-populous nation. Despite its large number of inhabitants, the rainforest-dense islands are also home to vast biodiversity, as well as rich culture and religious landmarks.

Our dedicated partners Manfred and Kiky Stoifl from the Hearing Solution Group worked tirelessly to make the mission a reality, even temporarily closing their practice to focus on the mission. Many staff members from Hearing Solution Group came to lend a hand. We also had assistance from sponsors Doug and Beth McMillin from Indiana Hearing. Indonesia is home to more than half of the world’s Scouts, and local troops provided great assistance during the mission. Bill Austin was even made an honorary Scout!

In Jakarta, we added more special guests to our group: the Lyons Family — Mark, Barbara and Charlotte — and Zoya Biglary from LSTN Headphones. During our second day of fittings in Jakarta, we met Anri and Nani, a husband and wife who both had hearing loss. The couple is also parents to 7-year-old Nayla and 6-month-old Jajwa, both of whom have normal hearing. The family had lived with this unique dynamic for y ears, but the parents yearned to hear their children laugh. The team was dedicated to making their wish come true, and both Anri and Nani had their hearing restored. The joyful couple heard their children laugh and cry, and little Nayla was thrilled to speak to her parents for the first time. It was a joy to connect this family with hearing!

Special Thanks

Indiana Hearing: Doug & Beth McMillin; Hearing Solution Group: Manfred and Kiky Stoifl; Dr. Robert Dean; Providence Academy Fundraiser Winners: Mark, Barbara and Charlotte Lyons; LSTN Headphones: Zoya Biglary

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