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September 2015 Jordan

It’s no secret that the civil war in Syria has created terrible hardships for the people in the region, taking many lives and leaving millions displaced and struggling to get by. We wanted to do what we could to help.

We worked to get a special permit to go into a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, and we were able to fit hearing aids for more than 200 people struggling with hearing loss.

Many of these refugees walked miles through temperatures that sometimes topped 120 degrees to reach safety. Yet despite these harsh conditions, it was heartwarming to see the joy displayed by so many of the people to whom we were able to give the gift of hearing.

One particularly touching story is of 13-year-old Alaa. He lost his hearing more than a year earlier when a bomb went off near his house in Syria. As conditions forced him and his father to move to a refugee camp, Alaa became very disconnected from the world around him.

After being fit with hearing aids, however, he began smiling and responding to our team members who worked with him. His father commented on how much more connected Alaa seemed immediately after getting his hearing restored.

Special Thanks

International Medical Corps Jordan; Your Choice Hearing; Dr. Lina Hamidi; Dr. Folaranmi Ogunbowale

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