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Huancayo, Pucallpa

October 2015 Peru

Our team’s 30-day trek across Peru then took us to Huancayo, the capital of the Junín Region in the central plains highlands.

As we had through the beginning of our work in Peru, we continued to give the gift of hearing at an incredible rate, fitting more than 500 patients per day. The smiles and genuine gratefulness displayed by so many that we helped continued to renew our energy day in and day out.

While in Huancayo, we caught up with young Jesus Angel, who was originally fit by recording artist Matt Nathanson in 2014. We were thrilled to see him smiling and healthy and to hear that he’s doing great in school with his hearing aids!

After three successful days of helping people in Huancayo, we then took the 350-mile journey to Pucallpa. We wasted no time in keeping the pace as we fit thousands with hearing aids during our three-day stop there.

One story that brightened everyone’s time in Pucallpa was when we restored the hearing for  Juan and Maria, a couple married for 62 years.  Juan was so excited he leaned in and gave Maria a big kiss. This loving pair talked at length about how excited they were to be able to communicate with hearing again.

Special Thanks

NewSound Hearing Aid Centers: Cade Simpson, Lee Ann George, Lilly Salazar, Elaine Dearen, Paula Kleck, Larry Espinoza; A&A Hearing Group: Ross and Jenifer Cushing; Sandi Young; Michael Kors: Hannah Rhee; Maria Plasencia Quinones; Franco Encinas; Christian Alva Tataje; Angela Maria Ardon Moncada; Barry and Christine Lydon; Javier Zegarra

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