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Trujillo, Cajamarca

October 2015 Peru

After wrapping up in Chiclayo, our team’s attention then turned to Trujillo. We wasted no time in getting to work, helping fit more than 1,000 patients in the two days we were there.

One moving story that came out of Trujillo was that of Alfredo and Maximiliana. The couple has been married for an incredible 64 years. They told us about how they fell in love as teenagers, and their passion has never subsided, even with both having hearing difficulties as they aged. They were overjoyed when we fit them with new hearing aids. Before they left, they were already joking with us about how they’ll now be able to communicate without shouting.

Following Trujilo, we then moved on to Cajamarca. The Yanacocha gold mine had once brought many people and resources to the area. However, more recently as mining has dwindled, many locals have been left to fend for themselves. Our team came in ready to help by giving hearing to those in need.

Thankfully, our timing was perfect as the Carnaval de Cajamarca was taking place. It was great to see so many people who we just gave the gift of hearing listen to the music that accompanied the incredible displays of local culture.

Special Thanks

Sandi Young; Aspen Creek Investments LTD: Dave Lambert; Columbia Basin Hearing Center: Neil Aiello; Michael Kors: Hannah Rhee; NewSound Hearing Aid Centers: Cade Simpson, Lee Ann George, Lilly Salazar, Elaine Dearen, Paula Kleck, Larry Espinoza, Natalie Phillips, D'Anne Rudden

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