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November 2015 South Africa

A s our mission team geared up to travel from Peru to the Philippines we joined forces with Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Unite team to continue to give hearing at the Bhubezi Healthcare Clinic in South Africa.

The Virgin Unite clinic provides healthcare for people in rural South Africa who otherwise would have no access to health services. Their commitment to making a sustainable system of care is what has made them a great partner to Starkey Hearing Foundation.

This mission gave hearing aids to many children and adults, allowing them to connect with hearing to their families and communities.

“Starkey has been at our clinic four years in a row and each year is as magical as the last,” said Branson. “Lots of wonderful people have come together to make this possible.”

One especially touching moment during our hearing mission in South Africa took place with the first patient Sir Richard Branson visited.

When Branson went to go fit hearing aids on Mpho Khoza, he thought he would just be warming up for the day and getting back into the groove of fitting patients like he has several times before. However, he wasn’t ready for the emotional response Mpho gave when she received the gift of hearing.

“She burst into tears, I burst into tears, we all burst into tears when she realized she could hear,” said Branson. “It’s just the most wonderful thing.”

It never gets old seeing patients we help tear with joy as their hearing aids help them into the world of sound.

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Sir Richard Branson; Virgin Unite

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