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September 2016 Canada

In late September, seniors with hearing loss living in Toronto’s Community Housing received the gift of hearing from Starkey Hearing Foundation. JaysCare Foundation hosted the first-ever Canadian hearing mission at Roger Centre Toronto Skydome where 38 seniors were reconnected to their family, community, and world.

“I saw surprise, I saw joy, I saw people recognizing how poorly their hearing was prior to putting the device on,” Buck Martinez, former Major League Baseball player and manager and Sportsnet broadcaster. “I think that’s the big satisfaction when they see somebody that might be hearing for the first time, or communicating with their children for the first time in a long time.”

Starkey Hearing Foundation’s team of audiologists and staff fit complimentary, customized, state-of-the-art, digital hearing devices. The team also trained them and their families on how to operate the hearing devices.

“Humanity shines when we treat people with dignity and respect, and you hear and understand each other,” said Tani Austin, Starkey Hearing Foundation co-founder and Starkey Hearing Technologies chief philanthropy officer.

“The first thing I realized when I was in there, was that the need for hearing aids was so great, not just in Canada or North America, but all around the world.” Pat Tabler, former Major League Baseball player and Sportsnet broadcaster.

Giving a person the ability to hear has an immediate positive impact on that person’s quality of life and a compounding effect on the world. 

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