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Bogota, Medillin

October 2016 Colombia

Starkey Hearing Foundation has worked to give the gift of hearing in Colombia for more than a decade. Excited to be back in this beautiful country, the team found themselves surrounded by culture and art.

Our team started in Bogota, and from the first day we were impressed how patients expressed their joy and gratitude with inspiring creativity.

A young team of dancers with hearing loss came to the hearing mission. Once our team had fit them all with hearing aids, they performed, many of them fully experiencing the music they dance to for the first time.

We then traveled to Medellin where it was having so many supporters with us from SproutLoud Media Networks. Not only did several of their executives join us, but we were also taken aback by the dozens of people from their Medellin office who volunteered their time to assist with the hearing mission.

“Seeing this work in action, there’s really just nothing like it,” CEO of SproutLoud Media Networks said. “There’s just so much that stands out watching people’s lives change right in front of you. Their eyes light up and you know you’ve made such a deep connection with other person.”

Across all of Colombia, where family ties are so deeply rooted, it was touching to see so many families connect with hearing. Whether it was young Thomas hearing his brother for the first time, or grandmother Maria who hadn’t heard in more than a decade, watching families connect in the world of sound will always have a special place in our hearts.

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