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October 2016 Marshall Islands

After spending more than a month giving hearing care to thousands of people across Peru, our team immediately flew to the Pacific Ocean, beginning with a hearing mission in the Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands have unique geographical qualities, not only because of their remote location halfway between Hawaii and Australia, but also because they extend more than 750,000 square miles in total, but only occupy 70 square miles of land mass.

Having more than 50,000 total inhabitants spread across this remote geography means many have little to no access to hearing healthcare. To change this, Agnes Flood joined our team as the country coordinator for the Marshall Islands. She received training in our model in early 2016 in Vietnam, and brought that knowledge back to the capital city of Majuro to begin screening and identifying patients.

After months seeing people in need, Agnes’ work resulted in the first-ever hearing mission in the Marshall Islands. Our team greatly enjoyed working with Agnes to give hearing healthcare, and we take comfort in knowing she will remain there to provide continuous care to people in need.

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