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Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya

November 2016 East Africa

The need for hearing healthcare in Africa is vast. The World Health Organization estimates that more 36 million Africans suffer from disabling hearing loss.

To provide more hearing care, Starkey Hearing Foundation launched a full-time office in 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya, with a team dedicated to helping across Africa.

In November, that team traveled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, then to Gisenya, Rwanda, before returning back Nairobi, working diligently at each hearing mission to give the gift of hearing to hundreds of people.

All of Starkey Hearing Foundation is proud to see the momentum continue to build in providing more hearing healthcare in Africa. Not only is team out of the Kenya office growing, but so too are the partnerships being created to make sure anywhere our team is helping patients, they are locally supported.

“Our impact across Africa continues to grow at an amazing pace,” Owen Olende, Starkey Hearing Foundation’s international development director of East Africa said. “My favorite part is as we continue train more team members to give more hearing care to more people in need, it gives us that many more opportunities to come back and hear how patients’ lives have improved.”

We’re excited to see the continued progress of connections being made to help more people being helped by the WFA® Community-Based Hearing Health Care model.

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