Hear Now


Hearing assistance in the U.S.

Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided more hearing help to people in the United States than to any other country. Hear Now is our application-based program that provides hearing help to low-income Americans. Each person we help is fit with new, top-of-the-line digital hearing aids that are customized to their hearing loss.

If you or someone you know is struggling with hearing loss and unable to afford hearing aids, call 800.328.8602 or email us, and a Hear Now representative will be in touch with you shortly.

To download the Hear Now application, please click here.

Para descargar la aplicación de Hear Now, haga clic aquí.

Providers Looking to Give Back

Hear Now wouldn't be possible without the support of our thousands of generous providers around the country. They give their time and services to do the hearing aid fittings and the patient follow up. Help us bring the gift of hearing into the lives of people in need. If you are a hearing professional, consider becoming a Hear Now provider. Your commitment will forever change lives and have a lasting impact on your community.