Education & Capacity-Building


We’re committed to advancing hearing health, including education and training.

We engage in high-level partnerships with global health leaders on hearing health issues. We’re also building capacity through academic relationships, training and curricula. We sponsor academic research in partnership with leading institutions around the world, and conduct research of our own, including effectiveness studies on community-based hearing healthcare intervention.

Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing health training for community health workers, allied health professionals, and even members of the public, with programs ranging from three-day introductory basic education to full-year, accredited, professional ear and hearing health training.

Starkey Hearing Institute

To help address the dire shortage of hearing healthcare professionals in the developing world, we launched Starkey Hearing Institute in Zambia in 2015. With enrollment near capacity, Starkey Hearing Institute has now graduated 52 students representing 16 countries since its inception.

Starkey Hearing Institute provides full-year, accredited, professional ear and hearing health training. The curriculum includes WFA Community-Based Hearing Healthcare Program, International Hearing Society, World Health Organization, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Queen Margaret University and the University Teaching Hospital in Zambia.

Graduates also complete intensive hands-on training in direct care delivery and the WFA®️ community-based hearing healthcare program model. Collectively, our efforts support one of the largest clinical and community-based hearing healthcare training operations in the world.

Academic Partnerships

To build knowledge of hearing loss and hearing healthcare globally, we build academic partnerships with leading researchers and institutions around the world.

We sponsor academic research, including demographic and epidemiological studies of hearing loss. We partner with leading academics on effectiveness studies of community-based hearing healthcare intervention, as well as mainstreaming of new hearing aid users as they build skills and adapt to hearing in daily life. Our academic partnerships deepen our understanding of hearing loss and hearing healthcare access around the world.