Why Hearing?

Hearing Health Crisis

The ear is the body’s most efficient but also the most sensitive sensory organ. However, its importance is often underestimated due to its unseen and concealed mechanics.

For many of those with hearing loss and impairment, a once-overlooked gift causes great distress and impact.

People with untreated hearing loss often suffer from:

  • frustration not hearing conversations or words.
  • stigma in embarrassment that they are lacking or understand clearly.
  • depression and isolation from withdrawal due to hopelessness in everyday activities and interactions.

How Hearing Impacts Us

When one loses hearing, vehicles cannot be heard while walking a road, colleagues and teachers cannot be understood affecting livelihood and education, and simple “I love you” goes silent from parent to yearning child.

430 million people worldwide will experience these ramifications daily.

Untreated hearing loss exerts a significant distress on various facets of our lives, encompassing:

  • physical and mental well-being
  • educational and economic opportunities.

Unfortunately, in many low to middle-income countries, accessibility to diagnosis and treatment still remains inaccessible.

Solution in Accessibility

At Starkey Hearing Foundation, we’re motivated to change access to those numbers, knowing each individual matters. It’s for them that we strive to create and deliver a model that is SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE, SCALABLE, and COMMUNITY-BASED bringing not only accessibility to the masses but continual contact for their care.

The Impact of the Starkey Hearing Institute

This glimpse of Graduation at the Starkey Institute highlights other reasons why we focus on hearing. LEARN MORE

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Give the Gift of Hearing

Help us continue to spread the gift of hearing around the globe and create the next generation of hearing healthcare leaders through the Starkey Hearing Institute, a program of Starkey Hearing Foundation.