Capacity Building

Active Care After Graduation

After graduating and achieving their Hearing Instrument Specialist Training and Certificate, students return to their communities, fully equipped to provide that area and beyond access to hearing services and educate people with hearing issues for years to come.

Here in their communities, they will participate in the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Active Care Program which includes additional counseling, batteries, and repair and replacement of hearing devices and earmolds as needed.

Starkey Hearing Institute graduates and Starkey Hearing Foundation hearing healthcare providers will continue to serve hearing device recipients with the capacity to assist an estimated 500 – 1,000 patients a year in ear exams, wax removal, hearing tests, and hearing aids provided by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Or assist the thousands additional seeking hearing health treatment.

By investing in education, our students will change what the future of access to hearing healthcare looks like.

Alumni Focus

Zera - Tanzania

Zera from Tanzania graduated from the Class of 2023. She now has returned back to her home community about to serve her neighbors and villages near and far that were so desperate for hearing health access. Weekly she has been screening, removing wax, educating individuals on their ear, and seen lots and lost of smiling people because of her work.

Active Care! Successes

Active Care! Successes

Willy - Malawi

Mr. Willy Twaliki, a 60-year-old beneficiary of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, visited our aftercare services due to a cracked hearing tube. We promptly replaced the tube for him. Mr. Twaliki is a seasoned professional driver, he is so happy and grateful to Starkey Hearing Foundation for the gift stating “Sense of hearing is very crucial at my work place”.

Christine - Uganda

Tumusime Christine, a dedicated 43-year-old caregiver responsible for children in the boarding section, is a valued and consistent patient at our clinic. She recently visited for a refit to ensure she is fully prepared for the new term, as schools reopened last week.

Christine's hearing aids are indispensable tools for effective communication with the children under her care, teachers, and other non-teaching staff. She vividly remembered a time when her job was nearly jeopardized due to her hearing aids being sent for repairs. During that period, she struggled to hear anything, leading to frustration from her superiors who began to lose patience with her. She continues to be grateful for her hearing aids and the benefits it provides daily.

Nakalyamagabi Aloysius

At 31 years old, Nakalyamagabi Aloysius is a professional teacher, but without the support of his hearing aids, his work becomes significantly more challenging, making it difficult to hear his students and fellow teachers. He recently visited our clinic for aftercare, primarily to acquire new batteries as he readies himself for the upcoming last term of the academic year 2023.

Rija – Madagascar

Prior to being fit with hearing aids Rija reported that his world was limited, he used sign language and a little speech when communicating to people around him due to his hearing loss.

Rija is a very sociable and talkative man, he loves listening to music and he also enjoys chatting with his family or friends but his hearing loss made people feel frustrated when talking to him and that made him sad as socializing with his people was difficult for him.

Today he came to our service center to get new batteries and molds for his hearing aids. After a little interview with him, Rija said that after being fit with hearing aids his life has changed significantly. He is now able to hear people when they speak, he can listen to music, he can hear the cars passing him by on the road, but more importantly with his hearing aids he is now able learning some basic speeches such as greetings, saying goodbye or thanking and he loves using them when he meets his friends or family.

Nakibuuka Sumayia

She is among the patients who were fitted on 3rd March 2024, during World Hearing Day celebrations. She came over to pick up some batteries and from her words, her life changed positively. She is a tailor in one of Kampala Malls "I used to miss customers due to hearing loss. Whenever I would beg their pardon, they just go away " but now that's history.

Isaac Draceabo

Isaac is an acting Head teacher in one of the schools in Arua district in Uganda, he has been using Starkey hearing aids for more than 10 years. Hearing aids help him to communicate effectively with the learner's when teaching, with fellow teachers and the community at large. Without hearing aids life becomes difficult for him. Whenever he gets a chance to come for aftercare he is always thankful to Starkey hearing foundation.

Give the Gift of Hearing

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