Global Advocacy


Starkey Hearing Foundation's Global Advocacy initiative is creating access to hearing healthcare and making an exponential difference for millions in need around the world. We’re engaging leading global health professionals to advocate for hearing health and support governments in developing hearing health policy solutions.

Starkey Hearing Foundation gives the gift of hearing to tens of thousands each year. Our Global Advocacy initiative has the potential to help hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions each year.

According to the World Health Organization, some 466 million people have disabling hearing loss, with the greatest prevalence among developing countries. Unfortunately, less than three percent of these individuals can afford hearing aids or even have access to the care they need. The goal of our Global Advocacy initiative is to change this by increasing access to hearing healthcare for everyone and be a voice of change for people in need.

With experience on six continents, we know governments around the world want to help their citizens suffering hearing loss. We have the knowledge and experience to support them. Our knowledge includes extensive hands-on experience providing hearing healthcare in more than 100 countries. Our WFA® Community-Based Hearing Healthcare Model is proven and effective. We can show how we are providing care in scores of different delivery systems that is simple, scalable, and sustainable.

Starkey Hearing Foundation maintains the largest hearing healthcare database in the world. This extensive database is not only used to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs, but also to help educate governments to assess and shape policy surrounding hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids.

We are helping governments and health officials create effective solutions for their citizens through the development of national plans that meet the unique needs of their country.


Global Advocacy is a labor of love with the potential to help even more of those suffering hearing loss than our best philanthropic efforts could ever touch alone. Our Global Advocacy initiative leverages Starkey Hearing Foundation’s unique and extensive experience to help national leaders shape and build hearing healthcare solutions around the world. Global Advocacy has the potential to grow our impact exponentially.


National Strategies for Ear and Hearing Health

We have been working to support national governments in developing and implementing National Plans for Ear and Hearing Care. These plans provide actionable pathways to reducing preventable hearing loss and increasing access to rehabilitation support services for millions of people with hearing loss in low and middle-income countries.

We work in close collaboration with the World Health Organization and various stakeholders from the professional, academia, and relevant ministries in the different countries. According to the latest World Health Organization survey, only 42 countries out of 195 have some form of national plan for ear and hearing care. While Starkey Hearing Foundation first supported the development of Kenya’s National Plan in 2016, we are now systematically expanding to other low and middle-income countries globally.

In 2018, we successfully supported Nigeria, Ghana, and the Gambia in the development and launching of their own unique National Policies and Strategic Plans on Ear and Hearing Care. At the start of 2019, we provided support to both Rwanda and Tanzania in completing the development of their National Plans, and we are now working with Malawi, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Tajikistan to replicate the same feat.

Our mission is giving the gift of hearing to those in need – and through the development of National Strategic Plans, we have provided a holistic approach to exponentially grow our impact globally.

National Plan Ghana
National Plan Nigeria
National Plan The Gambia


Kenya's National Plan

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Starkey Hearing Foundation worked with leading global health professionals to help Kenya outline a national strategy for ear and hearing care, with protocols for establishment of ear care services.

We helped support the Ministry of Health's dissemination of the national plan to all 47 counties in Kenya. With implementation now underway, the national plan has the potential to impact an estimated 640,000 Kenyans who suffer from hearing loss.