Celebrating Twenty Years

In mid-October, a small team traveled to Panama City for an extra special hearing mission and award ceremony. During the visit, Mrs. Austin was recognized with multiple awards.

The General Director of the Instituto Panameño de Habilitación Especial (IPHE) presented Mrs. Austin with the Angel Hand acknowledging her for her twenty years of service to the country of Panama. She was also recognized by the Minister of Health, Secretaría Nacional de la Discapacidad with the Big Tray of Service award and a plaque from the Lions Club of Panama.

Following the ceremony, the Starkey Cares team celebrated Mrs. Austin’s awards by doing what our team does best—serving others through the gift of hearing. Together, we provided hearing care services to over 200 patients while connecting with our local team from the Panama City community.


Katherine Navarro was first fit with hearing aids when she was just a young child. She has always worn Starkey hearing aids, which have allowed her to graduate from school. Now at the age of 18, Katherine is working toward her degree in social work at the University of Panama and wants to help children.

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