The Starkey Hearing Institute Class of 2021

Through what will be a year to remember, the Starkey Hearing Institute class of 2021 has successfully completed all academic requirements for the training program.

The class of 2021 graduates are now trained Hearing Instrument Specialists equipped with the knowledge to better serve their communities. They now carry the torch as hearing healthcare ambassadors helping to care for patients and doing their part in bridging the gap to bring ear care and services to people from their communities.

The 2021 student class has embodied what it truly means to care. Students are already putting their training into practice by conducting ear and hearing healthcare screenings for seniors, students, mothers, and their babies—educating each group on the importance of hearing and self-check and teaching mothers on how they too can screen their children for hearing loss.

We are so proud of what the 2021 student class was able to achieve amid the ongoing pandemic. Though we were not able to gather in person to celebrate, our heartfelt congratulations go to our students on their academic achievements.

A big thanks to the amazing team at the Starkey Hearing Institute for creating a safe environment for the students to thrive and learn—keeping us updated on the government protocols and changes throughout the year.

Special thanks to our wonderful donors and friends who helped to make 2021 possible. Through your donation and commitment, we are building teams skilled in ear and hearing healthcare.

We thank you for your contributions and look forward to your continued support in 2022.

You can support us by donating at or through our Donor Advised Fund.

For more information contact us at (866) 354-3254.

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