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Hear Now Program changes

As of April 2021, the Starkey Hearing Foundation Hear Now Program was closed due to consequences of COVID-19.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation no longer accepts hearing aid donations.

If you have additional questions call or email us.

Main Contact

Starkey Hearing Foundation

PO Box 41514
Minneapolis, MN 55441

Donor Advised Fund and Private Foundation Donors

Donations made to Starkey Hearing Foundation from Donor Advised Funds or Private Foundations should be made directly to the Designated Beneficiary Fund for the benefit of Starkey Hearing Foundation at the Minneapolis Foundation. The Minneapolis Foundation processes these donations on our behalf, provides all necessary receipts to donors, and delivers the funds to Starkey Hearing Foundation. For more information, contact William Sternberg (

All donations from individual or private entity donors should be made directly to Starkey Hearing Foundation.