Expanding the Work in the Pacific Islands

At the end of October, we ventured to the Solomon Islands and expanded our WFA™ Community-Based Hearing Healthcare program to the country. On October 31, our mission team arrived in Honiara, the capital city of the Solomon Islands. We had a two-day mission, held at the Maranatha Hall located just East of the city. It was a great mission where we served around 1,000 patients and provided nearly 1,000 hearing aids.

This mission was such a blessing to the people of the Solomon Islands who have hearing loss and do not have the resources to obtain hearing aids. While there is an Ear, Nose, and Throat Department, currently there are no hearing rehabilitation services in the Solomon Islands. By establishing our community-based program in the Solomon Islands, we are finally able to help fill the gap. During this mission, we were again able to see the importance of our work and how our programs help people connect to life through hearing. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services of the National Referral Hospital members were amazed by the work our team was able to accomplish over these two days. As they witnessed the great need for such services in their community, they expressed their deep support of our program and future missions.

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