Hearing Review Spotlights WFA® Fitting Method

In the midst of Gala week, the work of Starkey Hearing Foundation is showcased in The Hearing Review, the industry’s leading source for news in the hearing industry.

The journal published, A Community-based Hearing Healthcare Model and the WFA® Method. The article details how the model works and the benefits to the people we serve. The timing and publication reaffirms the strides we are making toward the vision of So The World May Hear. 

Please read the entire journal article here. And during this week when we are talking to many stakeholders, you can pull from the article as it provides compelling content to help you explain how we do the work that we do!

Highlights include:

The community-based Wide Frequency Audibility (WFA®) fitting method was created by the Starkey Hearing Foundation (SHF) to provide meaningful benefits for people with hearing loss across the globe. The method, which continues to evolve to meet the ever-growing need for hearing care, is simple, sustainable, and scalable.

The SHF has made a conscious decision to simplify the process of distributing their hearing aids to people so that as many people as possible can benefit. Additionally, this simple method is easy to learn so that local citizens of developing countries can be taught the method and be able to help their own citizens.

William F. Austin, founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation, has developed the Wide Frequency Audibility (WFA®) fitting method. The WFA® method is one piece of the larger community-based model the SHF has put in place to both provide hearing aids and to develop hearing healthcare for people who are not receiving such care across the world.

The article will appear in the August 2016 publication.

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