Sandi Young

Sandi Young, a compassionate visionary and an influential figure in both corporate and philanthropic realms, epitomizes a life devoted to creating meaningful impact. Born and raised in a small Missouri town, Sandi’s early professional journey began as an internal auditor at Ralston Purina, but her innate desire for a more profound connection with people soon led her to the dynamic world of marketing. Her innovative approach and unrelenting passion saw her rise to become the Vice President of Marketing for Hostess, where she introduced the acclaimed Hostess Mini Muffins.

Even at the pinnacle of her professional journey, Sandi opted to redirect her energies towards more philanthropic endeavors, starting with her invaluable contributions at the Saint Louis Children’s Hospital. It was here that she channeled her corporate acumen into philanthropy, founding an annual women’s golf tournament, joining the board, and becoming an integral member of the Circle of Care. This transformative experience catalyzed Sandi’s deep dive into the philanthropic world, leading her to engage with multiple organizations and causes, blending her strategic business insight with her generous spirit.

Upon relocating to California, Sandi’s commitment to uplifting lives found new avenues and manifested more tangibly. She played a pivotal role at the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, contributing significantly to both educational and property improvement endeavors aimed at enhancing the lives of the homeless community. This phase of her life also witnessed her proactive support and advisory role at FIND Food Bank, and her fervent efforts to expand educational opportunities in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, with the overarching aim of breaking the cycle of poverty for numerous students. Sandi’s unwavering dedication to education is further exemplified through her leadership roles with the Desert Scholarship Foundation and the Quarry Scholarship committee, as well as her active involvement with Tara Iti GC in New Zealand. In recognition of her efforts, she has been honored with the ongoing award “the Sandy,” which celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of scholarship recipients.

Among Sandi’s remarkable endeavors, her collaboration with Shakti Warriors stands out, showcasing a commitment to fostering children’s empowerment through a uniquely designed curriculum. Simultaneously, her association with dehp, LLC has been pivotal, contributing to breakthroughs in the successful treatment of PTSD. Furthermore, since her inaugural association with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in 2011, Sandi has been an unwavering champion of their mission. Her endeavors have facilitated life-altering aid to thousands of individuals with hearing impairments across the globe, earning her esteemed accolades and the distinguished appointment as one of the 50 Global Hearing Ambassadors. This association has been a gateway for Sandi, forging meaningful connections with various charitable organizations including MATTER and ACCF. Here, she has been instrumental, making substantive contributions to a spectrum of initiatives, notably those concentrating on life changing nutritional and conservation projects.

Sandi’s unwavering passion for children’s well-being is evident through her long-term support of St. Jude, and she also actively supports diverse organizations addressing international child trafficking, healthcare, the arts, education, and clean water. Outside her philanthropic endeavors, Sandi is an avid lover of fishing, painting, golf, and travel. Her journey, marked by a symphony of corporate success and humanitarianism, continues to inspire and make a difference in countless lives, showcasing that true fulfillment comes from the intertwining of professional acumen and a compassionate heart.


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