August Newsletter: Reuniting with Old Friends in Colombia

Reuniting with Old Friends in Colombia

After the bright lights and excitement from the Gala dimmed, we caught our breath for a brief moment before heading off to change more lives with the gift of hearing. Dedicated partner Spectrum Brands joined us for a four-day hearing mission in Toluca, Mexico. Then we headed to Colombia where we were greeted with culture, art, creativity and the joy that comes from hearing for the first time.  

We were also greeted with dancing! An entire dance team of young people struggling with hearing loss came to the hearing mission. Once our team had fit them all with hearing aids, they performed, many of them fully experiencing the music they dance to for the first time.

We also reconnected with and old friend—Yuli.  On a past visit, Bill Austin helped her hear her first sounds, a tear-jerking moment featured on an episode of “Operation Change.” Bill was excited to hear about her progress and also fit her with a new set of hearing aids. A budding painter, Yuli started art school last fall. 

We are currently working across Peru. 

Back to School!

New backpack? Check. Sharpened pencils? Check. Hearing protection? 

That’s what we thought. 

Don’t forget to prepare your kids’ ears to go back to school, too. Bring headphones to a reasonable volume and pack earplugs for sporting events and concerts. Learn more!

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