Helping Through the Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew has brought devastation and destruction through many parts of the Caribbean. It just so happens, that’s exactly where parts of our team happen to work right now.

Our team set up a training to take place in St. Kitts and Nevis, and Dominica months ago. We were told this is the heart of hurricane season, but did that stop our team? Not a chance.

As we followed the track of Hurricane Matthew, our team didn’t miss a beat. We continued to work to educate people throughout the Caribbean on how to implement the WFA® fitting method and bring hearing health care to people in need.

Not only were we working on education, we were following up with patients who we had fit with hearing aids months ago in Haiti with Dr. Jane O’Brien

“The Haitian people are first responders instead of waiting on others to come. They are out there offering to work…now understanding that they need to do something,” Dr. O’Brien said.

Our hearts reach out to all families affected by Hurricane Matthew. We give our best wishes, and for those who need assistance, we welcome them to reach out to us.

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