June Newsletter: Unexpected Opportunities in Honduras and Mexico

We dedicated our time in June to giving the gift of hearing in Honduras and Mexico. The team worked closely with sponsors, volunteers and local partners to give hope and opportunity to those who have been struggling with hearing loss for too long.

Longtime sponsors and hearing mission volunteers Knowles Electronics joined the team in Honduras for some unexpected opportunities to reflect caring to the people of this warm-hearted country.

In Tegucigalpa, hearing mission volunteers were registering a young man with a severe skin condition when Bill Austin spotted him. As soon as the boy sat down in a chair to be fit, Austin began asking questions about his health issues. The young man’s condition required medication that his family could not afford, so Austin sent one of his team to a pharmacy to purchase him all the medication he needed. The young man left with the gift of hearing and the ability to regain his health.

An all-ages group of enthusiastic and skilled volunteers joined us in Mexico to bring hope, new friendship and the gift of hearing. After going through some initial training, this team of volunteers worked to fit children and adults in need with new hearing aids.

Dedicated sponsor Jim Kilkowski brought along his children, James and Elena, to experience the joy and fulfillment of giving back. Both James and Elena were hooked with their first “ba ba ba.” The siblings spent the remainder of the hearing mission helping children like them experience and explore the world of sound and build new and lasting connections and friendships.

The team returned home just in time for the series premiere of Operation Change, which features the work of the Foundation. Be sure to watch this Monday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 10|9c as Operation Change follows the team to Israel and Palestine.

Next Up: Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo

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