Larry Fitzgerald Interview

Before the start of the 2016 NFL season, Cardinals All-Pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald sat down with our team for an interview:

How did you originally connect with Starkey Hearing Foundation?

The Austins are my neighbors in the Twin Cities. One day I went over to their home and introduced myself. They invited me to go on a hearing mission to India, and I instantly felt the impact that was happening. When I was out there, I really felt like I was part of the Starkey family.

What’s driven you to continue to come back to work with the Foundation?

It’s a combination of things. First off, it’s being there and seeing the effect this work is having for people in need. It’s life-changing, not only for them, but for their family and community. Seeing families able to communicate in a new way, it’s just priceless. Then it’s also the Austin family. The way they open up to me, and inspire me, it’s keeps me coming back every time.

What’s it like to give the gift of hearing?

It’s great, I really enjoy that aspect of joining hearing missions. Being right there and seeing the immediate change. The other part I like about the hearing missions is how at the end of the day, the team sits down together and shares their incredible experiences. 

You’ve traveled with the Foundation around the world, is there any place that stands out?

The first hearing mission in India was the most memorable. It was there where I first saw people being opened up to the world of sound and first-hand witnessed that impact.

What is it like to work alongside Bill Austin?

He makes you feel privileged to be around him. He’s so accomplished himself, and so it shows the dedication he has to go out and make the world a better place. He’s such an inspiration the way he leads by example.

You’re also a perennial gala attendee, what’s your favorite part about our gala?

At most galas I’ve attended, the have a high-end auction items, like dinner with famous person, to raise money for their cause. What I like about Starkey’s gala is the high-end items to bid on are to help people around the world. It’s so unique and will keep having me coming back year after year. 

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