Youth Philanthropy at its Finest

Watching our young volunteers shine on hearing missions, makes the missions that much more meaningful. Several months ago, we began planning for some high school students from Florida to attend a special mission that was sponsored by the John and Cherie Arscott family. Their son Tyler had the desire to share this volunteer experience with his peers, and several of them joined our Latin American team in June in the Dominican Republic. 

It was incredible for our team to work alongside these students as they quickly learned and applied the WFA Community-Based Model and saw for themselves what a little time and generosity can do for a person who is looking for a connection with the hearing world.

The impact on the students was also profound. Sophia said, “Despite our differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds, we experienced real human connection. I know that the individuals that we met will now hear the words ‘I love you’ and experience the beauty of sound and life in its entirety.” 

Kayla said, “Today, we gave that little girl more than just hearing; we gave her connection.” 

We are truly humbled to be part of the growth of those that attend and support the efforts of the hearing missions around the world, whether they’re 17 or 71. The outcome is always the same—better hearing, smiling faces and moments that impact lives forever.

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