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Sing Brian Sing

April 22, 2016

Across the world, music is universal. And music is very important to the Dominican way of life. When Brian was a year old, he received medicine that caused a terrible allergic reaction that left him with severe vision loss, skin conditions, and hearing loss. When Brian was eight, doctors operated on him and during the surgery they perforated his right inner ear, which caused more hearing loss.

With his limited hearing, he gravitated toward thumping music, which created an interest in song writing.

As shown in the picture above, Brady Forseth, our Executive Director escorted Brian to his fitting.

Destiny found Brian as the people helping him during his fitting were Andrew Bardsley, Global Marketing Manager, Chivas Regal, Joe Huff, co-Founder of LSTN Headphones, and Jim Morey, Morey Management group, who has managed such individuals as Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond.

Joe adjusted his hearing devices and a big smile came over Brian’s face.  The first words he heard were Joe’s asking, “Can you sing?” Brian nodded yes, and he sang music popular in the Dominican Republic.

Brian also celebrated his hearing by listening to music with Jim.

Wishing all the best to Brian, we hope he continues to enjoy listening to all the music he can. 

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