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Sustainability in Action

July 20, 2017

Just six months after fitting nearly 8,000 patients across Indonesia in November, Starkey Hearing Foundation returned to the country to serve another 1,000 patients in the capital city, Jakarta.

With the assistance of key partners including the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Committee for the Prevention and Alleviation of Deafness, and the Indonesia Ear, Nose and Throat Society, the Asia Pacific team completed yet another successful Phase 2 mission.

“We are extremely fortunate to partner with both governmental organizations and medical professionals in Indonesia, which gives our work greater depth and credibility,” said Megan Baiocchi, International Development Director for the Asia Pacific Region. “Establishing these relationships ensures our program in Indonesia is simple, scalable and sustainable. We have worked tirelessly to grow the program in Indonesia.”

The partnerships are just as important for the organizations supporting the Foundation’s work in Indonesia. Dr. Damayanti Soetjipto, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist and chairperson of the Indonesian National Committee for the Prevention of Hearing Loss and Deafness, said Starkey Hearing Foundation’s program benefits thousands of patients who would otherwise not have access to the life-changing devices and services.

“It is a necessity for us to have this relationship because it will help us a lot with the all of the people here who have hearing loss that haven’t had the money to buy hearing aids,” Dr. Soetjipto said. "The partnership is very important because Starkey will not only go to one place, they will go to about 25 places across the country.”

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