Hear Now FAQs

How do I find a hearing professional that works with the Hear Now program? Does Hear Now have a list of providers?

We do not have a list of hearing professionals that are currently working with our program. The providers working with Hear Now are donating their time and services, therefore, they can choose when they work with the program and when they do not.

We suggest that applicants use an online search engine or phone book to find hearing professionals (hearing aid offices or audiologists) in their community. Once an applicant finds a listing of hearing professionals, they should call each office or audiologist and ask them if they work with our Hear Now program. Every applicant must find a provider that works with the Hear Now program in order to complete the application.

How does Hear Now define a household?

We define a household as those living together or dependent on each other. We consider all family members and spouses/partners that are currently residing in the same home as the applicant.

How long does the application processing take?

Once we receive a new, completed application, we ask that you wait a minimum of 3-5 weeks before checking on the status of your application. If we receive an incomplete application, we will send a letter requesting any additional information that is required. It’s important to note that incomplete applications will delay processing.

What is the cost associated with the Hear Now program?

For every application, we require a processing fee of $125 per hearing aid. Once an applicant is approved through our program, the hearing aids are provided at no additional cost. The processing fee must be paid via cashier’s check, money order, or business check, and made payable to Starkey Hearing Foundation. The processing fee must be sent in with the completed application. The processing fee will be fully refunded if the applicant is denied for any reason.

Does Hear Now consider expenses when processing an application?

We do not consider expenses with our program. We do not consider any utilities, medical bills, rent/mortgage payments, food, clothing, etc.

What does Hear Now consider as income?

We consider income as all money coming into a household regardless of source. Some examples of income may include (but are not limited to): social security, pensions, child support, public assistance, alimony, welfare, AFDC, disability, wages, Old Age pension, Black Lung payments, interest from stocks/IRAs/401(k)s and family contributions. Proof of household income is required and must be sent in with the completed application.

What does Hear Now consider as assets?

We consider all cash assets for all members in a household. Some examples of assets include (but are not limited to): checking and savings accounts, money market accounts, IRA/401(k), reverse mortgage, CDs, home equity loans, stocks/bonds, burial accounts, additional properties and annuities. Proof of household assets is required and must be sent in with the rest of the completed application.

What hearing aids are provided through the Hear Now program?

We provide new, digital, behind-the-ear, Starkey hearing aids.

Why am I required to provide six months of bank statements?

We require six months of current bank statements so we can determine average income for all household members over a six-month period from all sources.