Life is Loud

Listen carefully and protect your hearing

Listen Carefully is Starkey Hearing Foundation’s campaign to raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss and prevent a hearing loss epidemic. Currently, one in six American teens has hearing loss from loud sounds. It is irreversible, but it’s also preventable.

Listen to what Jeff Gordon, Tony Hawk and Sammy Hagar have to say about the importance of hearing protection.

listen carefully tony hawk
listen carefully sammy hager

How loud is too loud?

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Download the Listen Carefully app for iPhone or Android. Use the hearing screener to quickly evaluate your hearing and determine if it's within a normal range or if you might have hearing loss. The sound meter allows you to measure noise levels levels wherever you are.

Did you know?

1 in 6 Americans experience hearing loss
1 in 6 teens has permanent hearing loss from high volume sounds
regular exposure to noise above 85 dB will cause gradual hearing loss