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Cuautitlan, San Luis Potosi, Ciudad Madero, Monterrey, Reynosa, Matamoros

February 2016 Mexico

Immediately after fitting patients with hearing aids at Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Super Bowl 50 Hearing Mission, our mission team set off to continue giving the gift of hearing in Mexico. While watching the big game, the team spent the first night putting thousands of batteries in hearing aids in preparation for the next week.                        

Having conducted more than 12 annual hearing missions in Mexico, the team, alongside Starkey Mexico, has been exceedingly efficient. The days were well organized to give quality care to patients in a seamless and efficient manner.

Each day began at 6 a.m. to prepare for hundreds of patients. The team got right to work providing hearing aids and counseling to make sure the patients would be comfortable using their devices. After the last patient was seen, we packed up, got on the plane and set off to the next city. As they worked to give hearing to thousands of people, the team logged more than 4,500 miles.

One patient left us with an indelible memory from the hearing mission. Saul, a 3-year-old boy, came to the hearing mission in Monterrey having never heard sound, but as soon as he was fit with hearing aids, a huge smile spread across his face. Saul’s laughter filled the mission site and further energized the team to continue to help change the lives of people in need.

Another incredible story that came in Mexico is when two sisters began sharing hearing. Angelica, 5, and Hanna, 6, were both born with profound hearing loss and came to the mission site having never heard each other. Their eyes lit up with excitement when they were fit with hearing aids. It was an incredible joy to see the sisters begin to audibly communicate with one another. We greatly look forward to following their hearing progress.

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