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August 2016 Afghanistan

In 2014, Starkey Hearing Foundation connected with the Bayat Foundation, and seeing one another’s efforts to help make the world a better place the question was asked: Can a hearing mission take place in Afghanistan?

The answer was a resounding yes.

Since then, the two foundations have joined together annually to give the gift of hearing to Afghans in need, most recently in August 2016.

At the first hearing mission two years prior, we found many of the people were a bit guarded. They were not fully sure what exactly to expect at a hearing mission.

However, word has certainly gotten out about our genuine nature of providing the best service possible while also showing them a deep sense of caring. Many who came out to the 2016 hearing mission greeted our team.

The Bayat Foundation was critical to facilitate the hearing mission and did whatever was need to provide the best possible hearing care to more than 700 Afghan people.

Ehsan Bayat and his incredible wife Fatema Bayat, cofounders of the Bayat Foundation, joined the team on the fitting floor and worked tirelessly throughout the hearing mission with compassion to help us successfully accomplish our task.

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