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Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Baramati, Delhi, Dharamsala

August 2016 India

Starkey Hearing Foundation has been giving hearing alongside our dedicated team in India for more than a decade.

With so much experience, we’ve become increasingly efficient in providing the gift of hearing to hundreds of people each of the 14 days we were in India.

Our hearts were deeply touched by patient after patient as they showed such sincere gratitude receiving their hearing aids.

What also stood out to us was how much dancing became involved at the hearing missions. Many patients stood up after being fit and began performing traditional India stances as way to say thank you.

By the end of the hearing mission more than 5,000 patients were seen, fitted with hearing aids, provided counseling and made sure they left the mission site feeling good about using their hearing aids.

We wish all of them the best with a lifetime of better hearing and look forward to continue to following with them. It’s always great when we get to revisit with patients, as we were able to with Bhashan and Manoa Raut, a husband and wife whom we fit with hearings at last year’s hearing mission.

They were so thrilled with the hearing care they received, they came back to volunteer. They were in tears as they told us the joy the left last year when they returned from the hearing mission in 2015 and they could hear their 8-year-old daughter Manoa.

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