Catching up with Matt Nathanson

It’s fitting that while our team is currently in Peru working to give the gift of hearing, we’re also able to highlight the work we did with musician Matt Nathanson the last time we were there. 

On November 7, Nathanson will be honored with the Universal Smile Award by Operation Smile, at the San Francisco Smile Gala, for the work he has done with us.

In 2014, Nathanson traveled with us on a hearing mission to Peru. He worked alongside us helping to fit hearing aids for people in need, while shooting the music video for his song “Headphones(LINK),” from which 100% of the artist and label proceeds benefit Starkey Hearing Foundation. Over the last year, Nathanson has helped raise more than $50,000 in support of our efforts. 

“We are honored to present the Universal Smile Award to Matt Nathanson in recognition of his philanthropic work in support of Starkey Hearing Foundation, to improve the lives of others through the healing power of music,” said Operation Smile Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Magee.

Reflecting on his experience in Peru, Nathanson said, “I felt love and gratitude towards other human beings on a level I’ve never experienced.” 

One of the patients Nathanson fit in Peru was young Jesus Angel. It was an incredibly emotional moment when he was given the gift of hearing (top left photo).

As chance would have it, we were able to catch up with Jesus Angel earlier this week (top right photo). It was fantastic to see him smiling and healthy, and hear he’s doing great in school. We never get tired of seeing the positive impact hearing has on someone’s life!

Watch the touching scene as Matt Nathanson fit Jesus Angel:

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