Summer Fun at Camp

As the crispness of fall continues to set in the air, it’s a good time to look back fondly on summer fun.

For many kids, summer memories include time spent away at camp; splashing around in lakes, playing tag and laughing around the campfire with other young people.

For kids who are deaf or hard of hearing, however, there are several challenges that make it difficult for them to partake in these fun summer activities. That’s why we were proud to give a grant this year to True Friends who created a special camp session for kids with hearing loss. 
In July, 18 kids, ages 8-17, who were either deaf or hard of hearing attended this session at Camp Courage North in Bemidji, Minnesota.

These kids came from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds throughout the United States, but it took very little time for them to recognize their similarities and begin doing what kids are supposed to do at camp – have fun.

The camp counselors were well prepared to handle the variety of hearing loss the kids would have, but beyond that, they worked to create an atmosphere that would be conductive to learning and enjoyable for the kids.
While this camp included common summer activities such as kayaking, water volleyball and making s’mores, there were also many activities to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

“That’s the value of camp,” Ruth Kewitsch, True Friends Corporate Engagement Officer said. “You take kids from a variety of backgrounds, and they’re able to see past their differences, find their similarities, and build friendships. The kids loved the camp activities, and they gained new experiences.”

Starkey Hearing Foundation is happy to support this True Friends initiative, and help kids who couldn’t otherwise afford it, get these kind of educational and life-building experiences.

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