Hearts are Turned in Peru

The hearing healthcare, hearing aids, and education given to each patient will make a physical, economic and social impact in each of their lives. For some, it is a new beginning—the first time that they have ever heard sound.

This trip was especially meaningful as we had several guests join us, including audiology students and faculty from our academic partnership university, Long Island Consortium in New York. Students were able to experience field work before starting their careers as audiologists. They were able to see the work that is needed around the world and experienced the magic of helping hundreds of patients per day through the WFA® Community- Based Model.

Derrick Coleman, fullback for the Arizona Cardinals, joined the team with his girlfriend Chelsea. They were also joined by the CEO and executive team members from Sonion, who manufacture a variety of products, such as receivers and microphones for hearing aids. When the mission was concluded, patients and volunteers alike were left filled with joy and emotion after helping the people of Peru regain their hearing.

Two of our patients had been married for 61 years and they were so excited to be able to continue hearing each other with their new hearing aids!

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