My Cause, My Cleats

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Tackle Rashod Hill teamed up with Starkey Hearing Foundation during the 2018 NFL season in honor of someone incredibly important to him: his three-year-old daughter, Codie. In an effort to bring awareness to Starkey Hearing Foundation and to those who are hearing impaired, Rashod’s cleats featured the Foundation’s logo for the Vikings game against the Dolphins on December 16, 2018.

Soon after selecting his cause, Rashod was quick to share that he had been looking for another way he could support his youngest daughter, Codie, who is hearing impaired. Upon hearing more about the Hill family and their incredible journey, Bill Austin, Founder and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies, invited them to Starkey Headquarters to try and help Codie with her hearing. Rashod and his wife, Tara, were guided step-by-step through the process as Codie was carefully fit with a hearing aid by the Starkey Hearing Technologies team of healthcare professionals.

As Codie filled the office with her bright energy, her parents spoke to both professionals and patients who shared their personal experiences with hearing loss and how Mr. Austin and Starkey have helped them. Inspired, Rashod and Tara shared that the experience with the entire Starkey team gave them a new sense of hope for their daughter.

While Codie received her hearing aid, the Starkey Hearing Foundation team also took time to inform her parents about the Foundation and all the exciting work being done around the world to bring the gift of hearing to those in need. Although Rashod has not been on a hearing mission, he and his family are excited to continue their support of the Foundation and join us in the field someday.

Codie’s journey is just beginning. The professionals in the Center for Excellence at Starkey Hearing Technologies will continue to provide care for Codie and her family, and the Foundation looks forward to having Rashod and Tara Hill join us on a hearing mission in the near future.

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