Isaac’s Inspiring Story

Isaac is not your typical 8-year-old boy. He loves running around and playing with friends, just like any other child, but when people began asking what he would like for his birthday, instead of asking for the latest toys and technology, he asked for donations for Starkey Hearing Foundation.

The Foundation’s story of providing the gift of hearing around the world resonated very closely with Isaac.

He has had hearing loss since birth, and has worn a hearing aids since he was five. Wise well beyond his years, Isaac already understands that there are millions of people in the United States and around the world with hearing loss like his, who do not have access to hearing aids.

His mother, Terri, showed him videos of Starkey Hearing Foundation and he was moved after seeing people hearing for the first time.

It was after that Isaac began thinking about the Foundation and how he could contribute to helping others hear.

As his birthday approached, Terri reached out on Isaac’s behalf to see if he could talk to someone about the Foundation’s global work.

Her email sent to us in late February read:

I’m writing because a friend told me about your foundation and I’d like to know how my family can participate in your work. This is an issue of great importance to us as our son, Isaac, has worn a hearing aid since he was barely five years old and has struggled with hearing since birth. With his hearing aid, he is plugged into the world. Because of this he very much appreciates his hearing aid and understands how much a hearing aid can change a life. 

I told him about your foundation and he’s decided to ask his family and friends for donations instead of birthday presents for his upcoming birthday. I think this is a good start for him.

This child has an incredibly helpful spirit and he’s turning eight. He’s inspired by your work. As a teacher, I know these early connections and impressions can last a lifetime. He watched one of the videos on your website and he said, “Mom, there are so many people like me!” 

So, what else can we do to loop him into your work?


Being from the local Twin Cities area where our headquarters are located, we jumped at the chance to invite Isaac and his family to our office so he could see first-hand what our work was all about.

Isaac lit up the room when he arrived, and it was incredible to see the excitement on his face as he saw pictures and heard stories about people who we’ve helped with hearing loss just like his.

“It really takes your breath away meeting a young person like Isaac,” Brady Forseth, Starkey Hearing Foundation Executive Director said. “He’s truly an inspiration for the caring he shows, not only to other children, but adults too.”

We cannot begin to thank Isaac enough for thinking of us as his birthday’s beneficiary. We look forward to staying in contact and having him and his family join us at a hearing mission soon.

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