The Greatest Gifts

In April, we traveled to six cities over the course of two weeks to serve 3,800 patients in Mexico. This trip demanded lots of planning, hard work, and a cheerful and flexible mindset. The team members pulled together to do the needed work to help the patients. 

The people we encounter in Mexico during our hearing missions are always so full of life and kindness. They greet us with open arms and lots of smiles. We love being able to work with them and help their hearing. We strive to care for every single one of our patients through all the phases of our program. Doing so is a gift for everyone involved.

Eagle Scout-to-be, Ryan Scholtz, joined us on the hearing mission after spending hours volunteering and leading projects to assist with assembling earmolds used in our global missions. With any of our youth volunteers, their desire to serve others warms our hearts as it gives us hope for the future of all mankind. 


In May, the team returned to serve the wonderful people of San Juan del Rio and Toluca.

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